Nia Blackwell

Nia Blackwell is studying for a PhD in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at Aberystwyth University. Whilst studying for her first degree in Geography and Welsh (Aberystwyth, 2009), she developed an interest environmental neochemistry. In 2010, she completed a Master's degree in Sciences (Aberystwyth) by investigating concentrations of harmful elements in soil swallowed by animals grazing on land contaminated as a result of mining processes. Her current research focuses on waters affected by coal mining processes, describing the water and polluted deposits, studying the microbial community and developing new methods of cleaning water pollution using natural waste material and bacteria.

Nia Blackwell, William. T. Perkins & Arwyn Edwards, 'Etifeddiaeth cloddio am lo ym maes glo de Cymru: llygredd dŵr ac opsiynau i’w leihau', Gwerddon, 18, September 2014, 55-76.