Ffion Curtis et al.

Ffion Curtis, E. J. Oliver, A. W. Jones, S. Rice, and R. Thatcher

The authors are members of the Research Group on physical activity in ageing, rehabilitation and health, based in the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at Aberystwyth University. This group includes interdisciplinary researchers in the fields of biomechanics, movement control, physiology, nutrition, and behavioral and cognitive psychology. The group works closely with clinicians, patients and voluntary organisations. The aim of the research group is to look at the reasons for limitations on physical activities and to study the consequences of physical activity and living habits, including quality of life and functional ability. The key objective of this research is to develop strategies and interventions in order to ensure the interests of health and recovery of the highest quality.

Ffion Curtis, E. J. Oliver, A. W. Jones, S. Rice, a R. Thatcher, 'Iechyd a newidiadau ffordd o fyw sy’n gysylltiedig ag oedran mewn ardaloedd gwledig: y pwyslais ar bryderon cyfredol yng Nghymru', Gwerddon, 16, October 2013, 28-39.