Rhianedd Jewell

Rhianedd Jewell completed a doctorate in Italian literature at Oxford University. She studied at St Anne’s College for nine years, initially gaining a degree in Modern Languages​​, specialising in French and Italian. The subject of her doctorate was the relationship between identity, language and reporting in the work of the Sardinian author, Grazia Deledda. Rhianedd now lectures in the Department of Welsh at Swansea University. Her research interests include women's literature, modernity, autobiographical writing, translation theory and the connections between the literature of Italy and Wales. In September 2013, Rhianedd will move to Aberystwyth University, where she has been appointed lecturer in Professional Welsh through the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’s Academic Staffing Scheme.

Rhianedd Jewell, 'Iaith a hunaniaeth yng ngwaith Grazia Deledda', Gwerddon, 15, July 2013, 9-24.