Gareth Watkins

Gareth Watkins is a final-year PhD student at Swansea University. Gareth's main interest lies in Language Technology and its use in the context of English-Welsh-English translation in Wales. Gareth has successfully conducted two surveys designed to investigate the use and attitudes towards language technology in Wales. Gareth has presented papers based on his work at conferences in Swansea, Bangor and to an international audience in Barcelona. Gareth is also part of the research network 'Translation in Non-State Cultures: New Critical Perspectives from Wales'. He is currently working on formulating a metric designed to help translators as they evaluate Translation Memory systems.

Gareth Watkins, 'Gweithdrefnau cyfieithu’r Ganolfan Gyfieithu ar gyfer cyrff yr UE a’u perthnasedd i Gymru', Gwerddon, 14, April 2013, 46-67.