S. Eleri Pryse

Eleri Pryse is a reader in Physics at Aberystwyth University and is responsible for coordinating Welsh-medium teaching at the Institute of Mathematics and Physics. She gained a first class degree at the University of Wales and a doctorate for research into small structures in the ionosphere (electrical atmosphere). During the early years of her career she studied ionospheric scintillations on satellite radio signals. She pioneered tomographic methods of "taking pictures" of the electrical atmosphere, and used the technique extensively at the north pole area and the auroral zone. She used the images in high latitude investigations comparing them with the observations of the international scientific community, including EISCAT/ESR and CUTLASS radar systems, optical cameras and satellite measurements of particles.

S. Eleri Pryse, Helen R. Middleton and Alan G. Wood, 'Llif yr atmosffer drydanol dros begwn y gogledd: Arsylwadau tomograffi radio a SuperDARN', Gwerddon, 2, October 2007, 35-50.