Leila Salisbury

Leila Salisbury is a doctoral student at the School of Music, Bangor University, and her field of research is the traditional music of eighteenth and nineteenth century Wales, focusing on the musical activity of Mair Richards Darowen (1787-1877). She graduated in Welsh and Music from Bangor University. After graduating she pursued an MPhil course entitled ‘Canu’r Dewin o Drefflemin: Golwg ar Alawon Gwerin Iolo Morganwg’ [The Music of the Trefflemin Wizard: The Folk Airs of Iolo Morganwg] which includes a study of the wider context of the period. Part of this study has been published in the journal Canu Gwerin (Vol. 31, 2008) under the title ‘‘Hai haw Brithi i’r buarth’ – Golwg ar ganeuon gwaith Iolo Morganwg’ [Iolo Morganwg's work songs].

Leila Salisbury, 'Golwg ar ganeuon serch Iolo Morganwg gyda sylw arbennig i’r "Ferch o’r Scerr"', Gwerddon, 5, January 2010, 53-80.