John D. Phillips

John Phillips is a Reader in the Department of Linguistics at Yamaguchi University, Japan.  He studied Celtic Languages at the University of Wales College, Aberystwyth. After a period as a research assistant and then as a translator, he went on to work at the Universities of Edinburgh, Tubingen and Manchester. There he taught courses on linguistics, computer linguistics and Welsh. His research has focused on computer linguistics, a science that tries to enable computers to use languages such as Welsh and English. He has published in the fields of language grammar description, textual syntax analysis and meaning, production of text which expresses a specific meaning, and computer translation. He published a book on Manx grammar in 2004.

John D. Phillips, 'Effaith newidiadau diweddar ar hynodrwydd ieithyddol y Gymraeg' , Gwerddon, 3, May 2008, 94-117.