Anwen Jones

Anwen Jones is a reader in Theatre Studies and has published several Welsh language volumes in her field, including Perfformio’r Genedl: Ar Drywydd Hywel Teifi Edwards with University Wales Press and Wil Sam: Dyn y Theatr gyda with Carreg Gwalch press. She is a National Library of Wales Trustee, a serving magistrate, editor of Gwerddon and Pro Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Aberystwyth University. She is currently working on a project to explore issues and ideas around place and space with Syrian pupils in mainstream education in Turkey.

Anwen Jones, 'Cymru, cenedligrwydd a theatr genedlaethol: Dilyn y gwys neu dorri cwys newydd?', Gwerddon, 8, July 2011, 45-55.

Anwen Jones, ‘Perfformio dinasyddiaeth: Sisters, cynhyrchiad ar y cyd rhwng National Theatre Wales a Junoon Theatre Mumbai’, Gwerddon, 30, March 2020, 6-22.