Hunydd Andrews

Hunydd Andrews is a Research Officer at the ESRC Centre for Research into Bilingualism at Bangor University and her main interest is bilingual education. From Belfast, she received her primary education through the medium of Irish and her secondary education in English. She went on to study at Bangor, gaining a BA in 2001 and MA in 2003. Hunydd's work under the auspices of the ESRC Centre has included projects on bilingual education provision in Wales from nursery groups to university. In collaboration with the North Wales Welsh for Adults Centre she is also conducting a study of the experiences of adults who are learning Welsh.

Hunydd Andrews, 'Llais y dysgwr: Profiadau oedolion sydd yn dysgu Cymraeg yng ngogledd Cymru', Gwerddon, 9, December 2011, 37-58.