Christopher Shank

Dr Christopher Shank is a staff member at Bangor University and a corpus linguist who approaches language and cognition from a usage based and functionally oriented perspective.  His research interests and focus is on language use, variation and change, specifically syntactic variation and change patterns, in both synchronic and diachronic contexts, and he is particularly interested in the study of grammaticalization. His work utilizes advanced statistical modelling and theories, principles and ideas drawn from the fields of historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, syntax, semantics, critical discourse analysis and discourse analysis.

Peredur Webb-Davies a Christopher Shank 'Defnydd hanesyddol a chyfoes o ‘mynd i’ yn y Gymraeg: Astudiaeth o ramadegoli fel newid ieithyddol' Gwerddon, 30, March 2020, 23-39.