Gwenno Griffith

Gwenno studied for a degree in Welsh in the Department of Welsh at Aberystwyth University before going on to study an MA in Welsh literature at the School of Welsh at Bangor University. She then studied for a doctorate at the School of Welsh, Cardiff University, and was awarded her degree in 2018. Her research area focused on changing linguistic behaviour, looking at how to increase the number of people who use computer interfaces in Welsh. After completing her doctorate, she lectured at the School of Welsh, Cardiff University for two years, and now works as a Welsh Language Policy Advisor with CITB.

Osian Elias & Gwenno Griffith, ‘"Mae hergwd cyn bwysiced â hawl": newid ymddygiad a pholisi’r iaith Gymraeg’, Gwerddon, 29, October 2019, 59–80.