Gruffydd Jones

Gruffydd Jones is a PhD student at IBERS, Prifysgol Aberystwyth, under the supervision of Dr Dylan Gwynn-Jones and Dr John Scullion. His project examines the way in which the invasive plant Rhododendron ponticum interacts with its environment, with a specific focus on how it alters the soil's biochemical features. This includes influencing the number of nutrients, pH change and synthesising toxic compounds which can affect the growth of other species.

Gruffydd Jones, John Scullion, Ana Winters, Rhys Owen, John Ratcliffe, Doug Oliver, and Dylan Gwynn-Jones, ‘Rhododendron ponticum: Hanes ei gyflwyno a’i ymlediad yng Nghymru, y bygythiad i fioamrywiaeth a’r dyfodol’, Gwerddon, 27, October 2018, 20-38.