‘Tyrfedd yng ngwynt yr Haul’

‘Tyrfedd yng ngwynt yr Haul’
(Turbulence in the solar wind)

Owen Wyn Roberts

The Cluster spacecraft are used in order to investigate the solar wind, and because there are four spacecraft, it allows a measurement of the 3-D structure of the solar wind. Since turbulence is a 3-D phenomenon, Cluster is ideal for investigating turbulence. These observations show that the turbulence at proton gyration scales are dominated by Kinetic Alfvén waves as well as magnetic vortices. This research strengthens the hypothesis that Kinetic Alfvén waves are present in the solar wind and suggests for the first time that waves and magnetic vortices can coexist in the solar wind.


  	Owen Wyn Roberts, Xing Li & Bo Li, 'Tyrfedd yng ngwynt yr Haul', Gwerddon, 19, April 2015, 45-58.


    Turbulence, solar wind, waves.


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