Gwerddon is a Welsh-medium academic e-journal which publishes research in the Arts, the Humanities and the Sciences twice a year and which conforms to the academic guidelines of the Research Excellence Framework 2014. Gwerddon also publishes special editions from time to time.

The journal has two main aims, which are to stimulate and encourage first-class academic discussion across as wide a range of subjects as possible through the medium of Welsh and thereby to create a store of scholarly material for the use of research students and academics. Gwerddon is funded by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

All articles are published in Welsh and adhere to REF guidelines creating work of an international standard which is peer reviewed. Abstracts are provided in English for the benefit of those who aren’t fluent in Welsh – just click on the article in question and the abstract appears before the article itself. If you need additional help understanding unfamiliar terms, please refer to various websites such as www.termau.org or Y Termiadur (http://geiriadur.bangor.ac.uk/termiadur).