Siarad iaith yr aelwyd pan fo’r aelwyd yn anfforddiadwy

Siarad iaith yr aelwyd pan fo’r aelwyd yn anfforddiadwy
(Speaking the language of the home when the home is unaffordable)

Catrin Fflur Huws

Over the last quarter century, housing has become increasingly unaffordable for thevast majority of people. This article seeks to address what has caused this situation, and what its effects are on the individual and on the community. It will also consider how unaffordable housing and the lack of housing opportunities for local people affects the Welsh language. The article will then consider the mechanisms that have been adopted both by the National Assembly for Wales and by the Whitehall Government to resolve the inter-related problems of unaffordable housing and local people being unable to afford to buy houses in their local area, and the extent to which these solutions provide answers to this dilemma that are sustainable in the long term. To conclude, suggestions of how to improve the existing frameworks will be proposed, along with more radical approaches to ensure that housing does not become a luxury commodity.


  	Catrin Fflur Huws, 'Siarad iaith yr aelwyd pan fo’r aelwyd yn anfforddiadwy'
, Gwerddon, 3, May 2008, 71-93.


    Affordable housing, home language, social policy. 


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