Y Gors: archwilio’r ffin rhwng awduraeth a chyfranogiad yn y ffilm ddogfen

Y Gors: archwilio’r ffin rhwng awduraeth a chyfranogiad yn y ffilm ddogfen
(Y Gors [The Bog]: examining the boundary between authorship and contribution in documentary film)

Dafydd Sills-Jones and Anne Marie Carty

In answer to a call by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and with the support of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, Anne Marie Carty, Nick Jones and Dafydd Sills-Jones made a poetic/experimental documentary film in 2016, on the subject of Cors Fochno, near Borth. Cors Fochno is one of Western Europe’s major peat bogs, is home to a unique ecology, and also home to important scientific study, not least into climate change. The bog was therefore a useful filmic metaphor for a number of issues and perspectives, including the feelings of the local community towards wilderness, the sustainability of local farming, and more broadly the history and future of human relationship with the environment. The article traces the approaches and concepts behind the film, and by doing so places it in the tradition of ‘practice-as-research’.

The film may be viewed by clicking here (password: mawn).

Photo: Dafydd Sills-Jones and Anne Marie Carty


  	Dafydd Sills-Jones & Anne Marie Carty, ‘Y Gors: archwilio’r ffin rhwng awduraeth a chyfranogiad yn y ffilm ddogfen’, Gwerddon, 27, October 2018, 6–19.


    Documentary, music, identity, landscape, practice-as-research.


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