Syr Siôn Prys: Canoloeswr ynteu Dyneiddiwr?

Syr Siôn Prys: Canoloeswr ynteu Dyneiddiwr?
(Sir John Prise: Mediaevalist or Humanist?)

Ceri Davies

Sir John Prise (1501/2‒1555), of Brecon, was among the most influential servants of the Crown in Wales and the Marches at a time of great political and religious change. He was also one of the first among the Welsh to respond positively to some of the new cultural and intellectual emphases connected with the Renaissance. This article discusses the tension between, on the one hand, Prise’s learning and humanist outlook and, on the other hand, his attachment to the popular account of the history of Britain presented by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the twelfth century, an account that was largely rejected by the Italian Polydore Vergil in a work first published in the 1530s.


  	Ceri Davies, 'Syr Siôn Prys: Canoloeswr ynteu Dyneiddiwr?', Gwerddon, 24, August 2017, 8–21


    Sir John Prise, Renaissance, humanism, mediaevalism, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Polydore Vergil.