Y Seren yn y Groes: effaith deddfau imperialaidd cynnar Rhufain ar y berthynas rhwng yr Eglwys a’r Iddewon

Y Seren yn y Groes: effaith deddfau imperialaidd cynnar Rhufain ar y berthynas rhwng yr Eglwys a’r Iddewon
(The Star in the Cross: the effect of the early imperial laws of Rome on the relationship between the Church and the Jews)

Gareth Evans-Jones

The relationship between the Roman Catholic Church and the Jews has always been difficult, and this article explores the way in which the early imperial laws of Rome influenced that relationship. Having discussed a selection of laws, consideration is given to how they affected the social standing of the Jews in a growingly Christianised world. There is also a discussion of how a few of the early anti-Jewish laws seemed to be reintroduced during the Middle Ages, as well as during the horrific event which proved to be fateful to the Jewish-Christian relationship, the Holocaust. The article concludes by examining the significance of those imperial laws and questions the relationship of the Church and the Jews in the twenty-first century.

(Image: Zardosz, CC BY-SA 3.0)


  	Gareth Evans-Jones, ‘Y Seren yn y Groes: effaith deddfau imperialaidd cynnar Rhufain ar y berthynas rhwng yr Eglwys a’r Iddewon’, Gwerddon, 23, March 2017, 58–84.


    Jews, Christians, Rome, Middle Ages, Holocaust, Pope, anti-Semitism, Martin Luther.


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