Cynllunio ‘Laser Tonfedd Ddeuol’

Cynllunio ‘Laser Tonfedd Ddeuol’
(Design of a ‘Dual Wavelength Laser’)

Daniel Roberts & Iestyn Pierce

This article is based upon the idea of designing a laser that can emit light at two different wavelengths, at the same time. This kind of laser has already been produced in the past; however, the difference between the two wavelengths was much larger. We intend to reduce this difference, while still being able to emit at two different wavelengths. This article will also address the effects of linewidth broadening where it is important to know how close the two wavelengths can be before we only see one broad peak in the spectrum, rather than two individual narrow peaks. Doing this will allow us to generate terahertz radiation from just one laser source.


  	Daniel Roberts & Iestyn Pierce, ‘Cynllunio “Laser Tonfedd Ddeuol”’, Gwerddon, 22, October 2016, 75–93.


    Laser, VCSEL, VECSEL, terahertz, dual wavelength, linewidth, electronic, Leinonen, Schawlow-Townes, Charles Henry.




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