'Y Golau a Ddychwel': Cerddoriaeth a dementia yng Nghymru

'Y Golau a Ddychwel': Cerddoriaeth a dementia yng Nghymru
('The Light shall Return': Music and dementia in Wales)

Nia Davies Williams

This article focuses on the effects of music on sufferers of dementia as a means of communicating through familiar songs within a Welsh context. The fieldwork is based on the author’s experience singing to the accompaniment of the Celtic harp at an assessment unit for dementia and at resident homes for the elderly on the Llŷn Peninsula during the Summer of 2010 and presents insights gained from observing patients recalling familiar songs when conversation was difficult. On this basis, the article examines the way in which music can assist patients who suffer from this condition, describing and analysing the results.


  	Nia Davies Williams, '"Y Golau a Ddychwel": Cerddoriaeth a dementia yng Nghymru', Gwerddon, 10/11, August 2012, 113-31.


    Dementia, elderly, music as a means of communication, Alzheimer’s, Singing for the Memory.